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Temple Israel

Temple Israel

Building Community Since 1954
A Progressive Conservative Synagogue Serving Central Florida

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50 S. Moss Rd., Winter Springs, FL 32708

Keepers of the Flame

Not surprisingly, our membership dues do not cover Temple Israel’s expenses, and without generous donations we would be unable to fulfill our mission of building a sacred community. Thus our basic dues represent a member’s minimum financial commitment. Recognizing that there are many members who have the ability and the desire to provide greater support in addition to their basic dues, Temple Israel created a membership category called Keepers of the Flame to provide a mechanism for this increased level of giving. The generosity of our current and future Keepers is vital to the sustainability and growth of Temple Israel.

In appreciation of this increased-dues level of commitment, Keepers of the Flame are welcome at all Temple Israel sponsored Shabbat dinners, synagogue Seders and program events without additional charge. Only a reservation is required. Additionally, there is a designated “Keepers of the Flame” seating area at all of the High Holiday services.

The following giving levels are suggested:
Benefactors $15,000 and up
Pillars $10,000 to $14,999
Defender $7,800 to $9,999
Guardians $5,300 to $7,799
Protectors $3,300 to $5,299
Preservers $2,400 to $3,299
(individuals only)
$2,000 to $2,399


If you would like to be counted among our Keepers of the Flame, please send your giving level to:

Temple Israel
50 S. Moss Rd.,
Winter Springs, FL 32708-3002

For further information please contact our President,

Geanne Share, (407) 234-5616 or email