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Temple Israel

Temple Israel

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A Progressive Conservative Synagogue Serving Central Florida

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FEMA Grant Bid Submission


2019 FEMA Security Grant Bids

Walk Through is Weds 5/27/2020 at 9:30am

All bids are to include permitting, insurance, bonding, licenses and clean up.

All questions are to be submitted to with cc to  by 5:00 PM,  Friday,  May 29, 2020.

All answers to questions will be posted on this web site. 

A site visit will be set up for all bidders the week of May 25, 2020. Exact date will be posted on this web site.

All work must be complete and paid in full no later than January 31, 2021 to be eligible for grant reimbursement.

Bidding will be open until 5:00 pm, Tuesday, June 9, 2020.


Scope of work will include:

Demolition of 4 glass side entries of the facility.

Replacement with steel french doors with welded steel frames. 

Glass for upper transom. 

Block openings for new doors. 

Paint and frame of doors 

Includes labor for above

Current security system upgrade and replacement quality equal or better.

  Test and Reconnect all existing door zones.

6 -360 degree motion detectors. 

1  8 zone expander. 

1  DSC Power Neo Control panel. 

2 LCD Keypads. 

1  LTE cellular communicator. 

Repair and paint of any drywall and finishes due to damage with installation.

Furnish and install 2 surge protective devices to the main service panel and main distribution panel.

Furnish and install a complete lightning protection system to the facility.

All materials taxes included.

Supply  concrete, plaster, and drywall. 

Repair of cutting or patching pavement.

Paint interior and/or exterior paint, stucco, block, metal etc.

Any additional electrical panels and/or meters.

1 Surge Protection Device

1 Lightning Protection Device

Tru-portal Access controls quality or better on 6 door access. All labor and materials using low voltage wire.

System set up, test and inspection. Customer  training, Owner’s Manuals, Completed drawings showing device locations.

Before installation walk site with  site contractor or authorized contact to ensure locations

and proper steel doors configurations above. Confirm that any client provided equipment is in place and operating correctly prior to installation.

Steel doors systems above include: wall mount reader, door position switch.

Main control panel to be installed on the wall in the main office above the cabinet next to network equipment. Power outlet exists about 6’ away.

Door #1 Office Entrance Has existing Maglock, REX and Push-button needs reader.

Door#2 – #5 Needs EL-Kit, REX, Push-button and reader.

Door #6  Youth Room El-Kit, REX, Push-button and reader and Maglock.

Power supply panel to be installed in the main office next to Access Control equipment. Power outlet exists 6’ away.

All readers are to be wall mounted at a height of 44” to center, above the finished floor.

All doors to have Door position switches installed to monitor for door propped, held open or forced open alarms.

Set up remote viewing web browser on 3 designated PC’s located, any network, PC. 

Training to include power operation of the system(rebooting), how to login into the programming portal, how to add or delete a card, how to add a holiday schedule, how to override a time schedule for manual control, how to remotely lock a door. Supply listing of phone numbers where to call in the event of an issue with the system.

Camera upgrade. Quality below or better. Labor to complete removal of old equipment and installation of new equipment. Remake and make new BNC fitting terminations and install new 12V. DC Cord for power plugs and eliminate risk of future burned down equipment by mixing negative and positive polarity. Structured wiring on the entire job site. Drilling and wall perforation.

Mounting of all CCTV cameras. Rimping all connectors, Adjusting cameras and DVR time, date and motion zones. Training on all equipment including how to search and playback functions and also how to view remotely on any device.

2 License Plate capture camera 

   Imaging sensor

   Effective Pixels: 1920(H) *1080 (V)

   Resolution 1080P

2 Megapixel 5-50mm manual VF lens

    IR LEDS: 6 pcs 3G IT leds

    IR distance:80–100M

   OSD adjustable

   OSD language English

    Minimum illumination: OLUX when IR ON

    S/N Ratio: More than 60 DB (AGC Off)

4 Siamese Cable White 500 FT

   RG59+18-2DC 95% copper

6 Anti-vandal-dome white color TV

   1080P High Definition

   ½.8” 2MP SONY Exmor CMOS

    4 in 1  1080P dome white qw volts

    TVI, CVI, AHD or Analog @ 30fps.

    Weather proof Outdoor IP66 Rating

    Special IR-Cut long Range Night vision 100 feet

    3.6mm Wide Angle Lens

1 Power supply 18 ports DC 12V 20 AMP

    PTC protection w/lock & Keys (UL Listed)

    Individual PTC protection against lightning

16 BNC Connector Crimp on RG59

8 Male DC plug for camera power connection

1 Hour of Network view set-up by IT technician

   IT to open router ports and forward IP addresses.

   If no static IP, create DDNS set-up

   Remote view by Iphone, Android, Mac and Windows PC



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