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Temple Israel

Temple Israel

Building Community Since 1954
A Progressive Conservative Synagogue Serving Central Florida

(407) 647-3055 |
50 S. Moss Rd., Winter Springs, FL 32708

Ritual Committee

The Ritual Committee, with the advice and approval of the Rabbi, formulates and implements rules and regulations for Temple Israel religious services consistent with Jewish Law (Halacha) and the precedents and principles of Conservative Judaism. We also recruit, select and train service managers (Gabbaim) and prayer leaders for the religious services.

In addition the Ritual Committee is continuously evaluates and enhances the quality of the religious services, represents Temple Israel in community religious programs and prepares the religious program budget.

We are currently involved in a number of activities designed to enhance the religious life of our congregation. These projects include:

  • Volunteer support to Shiva prayer services during Rabbi’s absence

  • Support to the recruitment and retention of members

  • The Friday night siddur project

  • Development of a Yiskor/Mourning Guide Book

  • Planning a Shabbaton for the community

  • Collection of demographic data from membership to help tailor and target our service offerings

  • Planning for the annual Mitzvah Fair (click here for resources from past Fairs)

  • Establishing a Sunday and weekday minyan sign up sheet to support participation

To accomplish all this David Fruchter serves as chairman with much needed advice and support from Rabbi Joshua Neely, Bob Kaplan (Gabbai Rishon), Bernie Kahn (Floor Gabbai) and 10 other members. If you are interested in joining our committee, please contact the Temple Israel office at 407-647-3055